A proactive approach to R&D

Slicing and interleaving: the importance of expertise
Not only do fresh food products require delicate handling, but different types of fresh meat, cooked & cured meat, fish, cheese, bread and cakes also demand different approaches. Slicing carpaccio is not the same as slicing cheese, for example; specialist knowledge is essential when automating the insertion of paper or film under or between the fresh products, stacking them, weighing them and transporting them to the packaging machine. Our unrivalled expertise makes Sleegers Technique an international pioneer in this field.

Advanced techniques
The company applies the most advanced techniques available, but if even they fall short of what is required, there is still no cause for concern – director/owner Huub Sleegers and his team simply develop a new technique themselves! They understand the market, keep a close eye on the relevant trends and take a proactive approach to solving their customers’ problems. Their enthusiasm for their work combined with their extensive experience in numerous sectors of the food industry result in what Sleegers calls ‘cross-pollination’ as they take the initiative in developing new products, product presentations, (sustainable) packaging solutions and marketing concepts. Hence, fresh food manufacturers throughout Europe and beyond are increasingly discovering what the company has to offer. They particularly value its customer-oriented approach, unique tailor-made slicing solutions, focus on customer service and standards of maintenance.

Strong and robust
All the high-tech equipment designed and built by Sleegers Technique conforms to the highest standards of quality, hygiene and reliability. We do not cut corners in terms of the materials we use nor any other aspects of construction. Our machines are strong and robust, and designed to cope with tough manufacturing demands in what can be harsh environments. Furthermore they are easy to clean thoroughly, which is an absolute must in the food industry.

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