Company background

Research & Development
Ever since Sleegers Technique was founded in 1993, this specialised machine builder has been focused on adapting, improving and developing both existing and new equipment used in the further processing of fresh food products. “The process can always be improved: things can be done more simply, more ergonomically and more efficiently,” says director/owner Huub Sleegers. Along with his dedicated team of specialists, he channels his energy and enthusiasm into helping companies to do just that, every day. R&D is the beating heart of Sleegers Technique from ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Advanced solutions
As a son of the Sleegers family, owners of the Sleegers Vleeswaren quality meats company based in the neighbouring Dutch town of Vlijmen, qualified engineer Huub Sleegers has first-hand experience of the issues fresh-food manufacturers face in terms of slicing, interleaving, weighing, stacking and packing their products. In his eyes, his key challenge is to develop advanced, tailor-made yet scalable solutions and support them technically. He has come to be regarded as a ‘pioneer in slicing’, both at home and abroad – and with good reason.

Innovative slicing machines
Sleegers Technique has several major inventions to its name, such as slicers for carpaccio, whereby carpaccio is cut into slices which are then interleaved with film and stacked. The company has patented this unique slicing and presentation process. Other technological innovations Sleegers Technique has been involved in the ‘variety pack’ which combines various sorts of sliced meat, and slicing in all manner of shapes including ‘circular slicing’.

From dealer to builder
Over the years, the company’s attention has shifted from adapting new and used standard machines in line with specific customer requirements to building its own bespoke slicers, interleavers and related equipment for clients throughout Europe and even (much) further afield. All the necessary and extremely user-friendly software is developed in-house.

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