Vi-35 90 Degree

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Vi-35 90 Degree

The VI-35_300 is a basic product rotation system  useable for many types of products.

The conveyor speeds are controlled using two potentiometers, the speeds of the conveyors determine the amount of product rotation.

This machine is developed with an eye on hygiene, operation and maintenance, it can be cleaned in just 3 minutes and with standard IP65 classification suitable for cold and wet environments.

The machine has a very small footprint and can easily be integrated in new or existing production lines.

Rotation conveyor

Sleegers Technique


Easy controls
Solid stainless steel construction
Hygienic, modular design
Compact footprint

Belt speed  0 - 50 meter/minute 

Product dimensions
Max 300x300mm

Custom conveyor configuration
Vision/laser inspection system
Reject system
Adjustable work height
Product flow L > R or R > L

Electrical supply
230Vac | 50/60Hz 

Netto weight
90 kg

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