VI-40 Hamburger line

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VI-40 Hamburger line

The VI-40 hamburger line is a complete solution for tray denesting, product aligning, presentation building and tray loading for up to 4 lanes of products. The completely automated system is servo driven which guarantees constant and accurate results. The user friendly interface makes it easy to switch between recipes, change parameters and see your production history. This machine is developed with an eye on hygiene, operation and maintenance, it can be cleaned in just a few minutes and with standard IP65 classification suitable for cold and wet environments. This machine is able to communicate with any other machine and can easily be integrate in new or existing production lines.

Hamburger line

Sleegers Technique


Touchscreen with multi-language selection
User friendly interface
Hygienic, modular design
Servo driven

Denesting Max. 120 trays/minute/denester (Tray type and size depending)
Shuttle loading Max. 70 items/minute/lane (Product size depending)

Custom (conveyor) configuration
More product lanes
Belt scrapers
Safety fencing

Electrical supply
360-520Vac | 50/60Hz | 3 Phase

Air supply
10L/minute @ 8 Bar
Net weight
+/- 2000 Kg

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