monitoring market trends

Interaction delivers results
In our role as a designer and builder of equipment such as high-tech slicers, interleavers, underleavers and robotic systems for the fresh meat, cooked & cured meat, fish, cheese, bread and cakes sectors, we are in close regular contact with sales and marketing managers. Such contact enables us to exchange valuable information about market trends and consumer behaviour in supermarket stores. In practice, when combined with our knowledge and experience, this close collaboration consistently results in better on-shelf presentation and hence higher sales.

From design to realisation
We take a proactive approach to your project and, thanks also to our thorough understanding of and considerable experience in the fresh food sector, we can make a tangible contribution to developing new consumer products and/or improving your value proposition. We share your focus on optimising your product’s image and presentation (i.e. packaging) to ensure maximum on-shelf impact.

Process management: from design to implementation
Likewise, we enjoy rising to challenges presented to us by sales and marketing managers who ask us to develop new ideas, from the initial design phase right through to actual implementation. In this case, we manage the entire process ourselves. As a reliable professional partner, we support our customers in continually striving to improve performance.

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