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ESF project at Sleegers Techniek bv

Sleegers Techniek has put its own brand on the market in 2007, which has created the desire and the necessity to stimulate the growth of the employees, so that they can better grow along with the grow...

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Behind the scenes: Engineers

The engineering department is our largest department. They make the customer's wishes visual and provide blueprints for the workplace. They are responsible for the final design, technological research...

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08 Aug 2021
08 August 9:00
's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland
18 Mar 2021
18 March 14:00
Sleegers Technique
22 Mar 2021
Open huis
22 March 12:00
Sleegers Technique

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Behind the scense: procurement and work preparation

The "Procurement  & Work Preparation" department is responsible for the preparation of the internal projects until the final mechanical reali...

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VI-11 200 paper underleaver

Recently we installed a paper underleaver VI-11 200 in Switzerland. The challenge was to underleaven products at high speed. This means that paper is ...

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Our youngest department is the software department

Our youngest department is the software department, which consists of three employees. These employees are responsible for the software of th...

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Pate X/Y coordinate correction and denesting

One of the latest projects is for a customer in which the pate had to be placed in very small trays. There was only 5mm space left. Before these could...

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Merging and stabilising the throughput with VI-05 and VI-09

The VI-05 and VI-09 are responsible for buffering and inlining products. These machines are often in line with a cutting machine, checkweigher and a f...

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Sleegers technique at How it's done!

FFWatch the broadcast back on our youtube channel. ...

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