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Modular design

Machines made to measure

Sleegers Technique builds a wide range of bespoke modular equipment including slicers and interleavers, tailor-made according to your specific needs and fully aligned with your manufacturing demands.

Over 15 modules

In order to optimally meet our clients’ requirements, we have developed various modules in recent years. These modules, which we have grouped together in our VI series, can be connected to a slicer and/or combined with one another. This enables you to create your own production line containing a variety of equipment, ranging from interleavers, underleavers and overlappers to inliners and/or a pick-and-place robot.

The Beatle Slicer

The new and unique Beatle Slicer has likewise been developed in-house. The Beatle Slicer forms a very compact basic frame which can be extended with a range of applications such as an interleaver, a camera and/or a weighing system. The Beatle Slicer comprises a total of 12 modules which can be integrated into the basic frame. This allows you to literally design your own machine to fit within your own budgetary constraints.

User-friendliness guaranteed

We develop all of the associated software in-house with a focus on user-friendliness, so our equipment is guaranteed to be simple enough for any of your employees to operate. You are welcome to build your own machine park and discuss any additional requirements with us. We have a range of test equipment on display in our demo area, where we can conduct various trials for you before suggesting a tailor-made solution.

Quick and flexible

Its unique modular systems enable Sleegers Technique to stay flexible and respond effectively to market demands, and next-day delivery is not unusual. We install each piece of machinery and every production line ourselves, and also carry out all the routine maintenance activities. And should you have any technical problems, you can rely on us to help you quickly and efficiently.