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Responding proactively to current events in food

Slicing and interleaving: a subject in its own right

Fresh products are fragile natural products. Different requirements apply to every fresh product, such as meat, meat products, fish, cheese, bread or biscuits. For example, cutting carpaccio or cheese, automatically sliding foil or paper under or between the products, stacking them including weighing them and transporting them to the packaging machine is all a separate profession. Sleegers Technique understands this profession like no other and is an international leader in this field.

Advanced techniques

The company uses the most advanced techniques. Are these not available? No problem, then Sleegers Technique and his employees develop these techniques themselves!  They know the market, follow all trends in their field and think along with their customers. Driven and nourished by their experience in the various food sectors, Sleegers speaks here of 'cross-pollination', they proactively develop new products, product presentations, (sustainable) packaging and concepts. For this reason, producers inside and outside Europe know where to find the company more and more often. They praise the customer-oriented approach, the unique tailor-made slice solutions, the service and maintenance (remotely).

Strong and robust

All high-tech equipment designed and built by Sleegers Technique meets the highest standards of quality, hygiene and reliability. No cuts are made on the choice of materials or other matters. The machines are strong and robust and absolutely capable of withstanding the often heavy industrial production conditions. They are also easy to keep clean, a must in the food industry.