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Unique concepts

Building brands together

As a builder of tailor-made slicers and interleavers, Sleegers Technique is increasingly involved in developing new concepts together with other players in the food sector. Our customers often invite us to join them at an early stage of the process to share our thoughts on product development, improved on-shelf presentation and new packaging ideas.

Helping companies to stand out

While companies are always striving to achieve the best price/quality ratio, they are also looking to set themselves apart from the rest. We have a proven track record of working closely with teams of managers and directors within A-brand manufacturers, private label suppliers, supermarket chains and (organic) specialist retailers alike to address their technical challenges and devise effective solutions.

Unique solutions

As an innovator in slicing and interleaving, we are always willing to share our extensive in-house know-how to facilitate unique, relevant solutions. If necessary, we enlist help from other specialists within our network, such as packaging experts for instance.