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Vision, Mission and focus

Clear philosophy

Sleegers Technique supplies tailor-made solutions. This approach has evolved naturally from the services we have been providing from the outset, namely adapting new and existing machines in line with our customers’ requirements. While the slicers and interleavers which we supply nowadays have all been built 100% in-house, each item of equipment still optimally meets your specific (product) needs and – irrespective of its degree of technical complexity – is simple, safe and ergonomic to operate by any employee within your company. It is our goal to unburden you as much as possible. The same holds true for the maintenance activities which we are happy to take care of for you.

Clear objectives

Our objectives extend beyond simply building a new machine, supplying one or more modules or even delivering a complete machine park. In addition, we are keen to get involved with our customers beforehand in thinking about their markets, target groups, products, packaging and efficiency improvements, and about which solution would best achieve their aims. And our contribution goes further than merely thinking and talking. We will often build a test machine first, or carry out trials with various test set-ups in our demo area before actually installing any equipment or modules at your facility. That’s what we call investing in our partners.

Knowledge of fresh food products

At Sleegers Technique, you can benefit from our extensive product knowledge and substantial experience in industrial, patented (circular) slicing, interleaving, underleaving, stacking and packing of various fresh food products. We have a thorough understanding of each product’s and technique’s possibilities and also its limitations and risks. We keep a close eye on the latest market developments. As an SME, we are able to tap into all that knowledge quickly and effectively to make a positive difference to both the image and value proposition of your A-brand or private-label concept, thus helping you to set yourself apart from the rest.