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The power of service and support is in speed

Date: 6 December 2022
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Optimal service and support is essential. When a customer reports a problem, we immediately login on the machine. Every Sleegers machine has remote control, so we can check and guide online. This way, we tackle about 80% of the problems. When an issue cannot be solved remotely, a service engineer jumps in the car if the distance allows it. For longer distances, an appointment is scheduled as soon as possible. Our strength is to take immediate action so that our customer is helped as soon as possible. This is a challenge in the production process, but we have now adapted well to this.

Huge expansion of coverage ratio

With the acquisition of Marel, we have many more service points and service technicians worldwide. We are now training these mechanics so that they can provide optimal service to the Sleegers machines. This keeps the lines short and increases the speed even further. At new installations, the closest service engineers are present. They will be the first point of contact and we will assist where necessary. We don't want to change anything about the quality of our service. Fortunately, Marel has the same attitude. In food, it is simply essential that production runs smoothly.

Quiet jack-of-all-trades Richard Bout

Product manager Richard Bout is responsible for achieving a successful product. From his experience as a service engineer, he knows a great deal about the ins and outs of Sleegers' machines, from which he helps to improve existing and new machines. In addition, he uses his knowledge to deploy the Experience Center optimally for Innovation, Sales and Marketing.

Revolutionary: the Experience Centre

We can condition the Experience Centre to create the same situation as at the customer's location. We know from experience that a machine standing in a room at 4°C reacts differently than in a warmer environment. Those values can be crucial for adjusting the machine. That is why it is very important for Innovation to use the Experience Centre. This gives us a good idea of the functionality of the solutions we come up with. And we know whether this can be applied to the customer, because you can quickly see whether a solution works or not. As a result, we can switch faster in a development and catch many possible problems before installation.
There are lots of questions and new developments from customers that we can already test on existing machines to achieve good results.

Making optimal use of the unique possibilities

The unique Experience Centre is also used for Sales. If Jeroen van Beurden receives a request from a customer, we see if we can show what we have to offer in the Experience Centre. The customer can send their own product to us. We then put it in one of our cold stores at the right processing temperature. When the customer then comes to the Experience Centre for the demonstration, we can show the line the customer has in mind with their product. This gives a good idea of what the customer can expect from our machines and our company. During the demonstration, our specialists indicate what modifications are possible. This assures the customer that he gets the best possible solution.

Practical service environment

We also use the Experience Centre for Service. If questions or problems arise from service, we can usually simulate them in the Experience Centre. This allows our specialists to look alongside the customer to help them get back on track as quickly as possible.
Because of his experience, knowledge of the portfolio and his versatile character, Richard Bout is the right person for the Experience Centre. He has seen, repaired and helped develop hundreds of machines over the past 15 years. So the Experience Center has an effect on Innovation, Sales and Service and that is what makes it so valuable for our company and for our customers.

Would you like to explore the Experience Centre and our service?

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