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This is the most frequently asked question since the acquisition by Marel ...

Date: 7 November 2022
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Change brings questions. We understand that. Most of the questions we have received since the acquisition by Marel are about service. We would like to reassure our customers: our service remains at the level you have come to expect from us. Minimizing the time your production is down is and remains our priority.

The world is full of opportunities and possibilities

Since the recent acquisition by Marel, Sleegers Technique is part of a large organization with an extensive network. Marel operates worldwide in over 30 countries and employs professionals who are located near the customers. These professionals speak your language and offer support when machines are delivered. Of course, from the Sleegers Technique team, we continue to offer guidance and assistance on the highest possible level.
We remain the first address for questions about our machines and solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us. 

How was it again? If you want to read more about the recent acquisition by Marel, read the press release here.

The strength of core values

Over the years, we have established and sharpened our core values. We continue to sharpen them, because this is the best way for both you and us. 

These core values are:

  • Pro-active thinking
  • Innovation
  • High quality
  • Service and support

Actions speak louder than words

In the next 4 articles, these core values will be explained in more detail by members of the Sleegers Technique management team consisting of: 

  • Jeroen van Beurden: with his technical view, he is responsible for all sales activities. He always searches for the best possible result by always keeping the big picture in mind.
  • Aaron van Valderen: this out-of-the-box thinker is responsible for our R&D department. He is keen on structure and overview. Gathers all possible information and then finds the right solution.   
  • Kevin Sterkenburg: is the alert and punctual operational manager. He is the link to the engineering department, knows how to set up a good planning and keeps an overview.
  • Richard Bout: is the calm product specialist who knows how to make the impossible possible. With his experience from service, he supports improvements to Sleegers machines and new products. He also uses his qualities to optimally use the Experience Centre for Innovation, Sales and Marketing.

The better you understand what goes behind our core values and how our team handles them, the better you understand why it is valuable for you. 

Small changes can lead to big results....

Contact us to ask your questions. We will be happy to help you move forward.

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