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ESF project at Sleegers Techniek bv

Date: 19 March 2020
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Sleegers Techniek has put its own brand on the market in 2007, which has created the desire and the necessity to stimulate the growth of the employees, so that they can better grow along with the growth, that Sleegers Techniek is going through. It is also desirable that this responsibility is distributed more to the middle layer of the organization. To this end, managers should be given the tools to bind and bind employees, so that they too can develop personally within the organization. Sleegers Techniek wants to promote the internal learning culture for the employees in all layers of the organization with the help of an external advisor of Mazars. The consultant will work with employees to identify needs and skills and clarify job descriptions to provide more direction for employees. The management will be coached towards a more entrepreneurial attitude and to guide the other employees towards individual ambitions through training sessions. The ultimate goal is to stimulate the personal development and growth of the employees, which will increase motivation.

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