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New burger line for America comes from Nieuwkuijk

Date: 9 January 2017
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NEWKUIJK - Ever bought a portion of carpaccio at the supermarket? Then just assume that the tender meat has been cut and packed by a machine from Nieuwkuijk. Sleegers Technique of Vlijmenaar Huub Sleegers is, according to the director, market leader in the world when it comes to carpaccio machines.

About 25 years ago Sleegers started out as a single spitter. In the meantime, he has employed seventeen people and built a brand new building on the business park Het Hoog in Nieuwkuijk. Friday is the open day for customers, Saturday afternoon everyone is welcome.


If you walk into the big hall of Sleegers on Saturday, you will at least see the new hamburger line of Lidl. Sleegers and his men make the machines for a couple of French people who emigrated to America.

Good cooperation

Canada and America. Wonderful countries to work with, Sleegers thinks. "The people there love to develop new things. They're at least 1.5 years ahead of Europe. I like going there at least five times a year."

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