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Precise and robust Card Board Feeder

Date: 10 October 2016
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Enormously fast, accurate and reliable: these words characterise the Card Board Feeder of Sleegers Technique bv. The compactly built machine lays down cardboard of various materials and sizes in no time for bacon, fish and cheese, among other things.

This machine is an example of the new serial working method of Sleegers Technique bv. Director Huub Sleegers: "We received the request for this machine from Canada. There and in America they pack everything with cardboard. After building a prototype we decided to bring this machine in series as well".

Satisfies wishes

Of course, the Card Board Feeder always meets the specific wishes and requirements of a customer. One of those wishes is always the same: the machine must work accurately. Per minute this machine lays down about 75 cardboard feeder. That makes 36,000 on an eight-hour working day. Of those, the Card Board Feeder misses a maximum of four.

Two warehouses

"A malfunction may be caused by a carton sticking or because the stock is running out. To prevent the latter, we even have a Feeder with two warehouses. When one runs out, the other takes over. In this way, the user is assured of the most accurate and consistent results".

Fits in assortment

Furthermore, this machine is easy to clean and within three minutes completely clean again. Just like other machines of Sleegers Technique bv, these Card Board Feeders can be easily integrated in existing or new production lines. Parts are in stock and in case of a malfunction Sleegers Technique bv can be reached 24/7. "But this machine is so reliable that I don't expect many phone calls", jokes Sleegers.

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