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With new premises Sleegers Technique bv is ready for the future.

Date: 14 March 2016
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Sleegers Technique bv continues to grow and therefore a new business location has become necessary. "That's why in September we move to a brand new building in Nieuwkuijk. This location will have a showroom and testing facilities amongst others. It fully meets our requirements," says CEO Huub Sleegers.

It has been a careful decision to move from Den Bosch to Nieuwkuijk. "We have been making plans for a year and a half now. Therefore, the construction can take place in only six months. It began in March this year and we hope to be ready in September."

International appeal

Sleegers Technique bv will not only get more work space, but the appearance of the building will match the international nature of the customer base. "We are now ready for the future," Sleegers says. "I am proud of the international appeal of our new location."

2.5 times more space

But that's not all there is. "We get 2.5 times more space to work with. For example, we will get a large and central assembly area. Around it there will be workspaces for the welders and electricians for example. We have all these disciplines in-house."

Showroom and testing facilities

"We will also have our own showroom, where we can educate our dealers. And in our own testing facilities, we can test the machines with real products. That way, we can continue to improve our quality and service."

Cause for celebration

The move from Den Bosch to Nieuwkuijk will also be celebrated with customers and relations. Sleegers: "We have plans for an open house and a party in October. I’m looking forward to it!"

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