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Do you know how powerful pro-active thinking is?

Date: 15 November 2022
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If it can be simple, we don't make it unnecessarily complicated. For most customer questions, we find a suitable solution in one or more VI modules. Only if a totally new solution is needed, we initiate an innovative development process.
These are machines that perform a specialized part of the production process between the forming or slicing machine and the packaging process. But regularly small or larger modifications are needed to match these modules to the customer's specific demand. And that is precisely where it is important to think pro-actively with them. This is for a reason one of our core values. It is essential to keep looking at the big picture and to see much further than just the question asked. So that the best solution can be found.

Thinking pro-actively is second nature

Sales manager Jeroen van Beurden is usually the first contact for a customer. With his technical background, a lot of practical experience and knowledge of the food market, pro-active thinking is second nature to him. He is always committed, together with the Sleegers Technique team, to investigate how Sleegers Technique can provide the best fitting solution. 

This is why Jeroen's method is so effective:

Those who have ever spoken to him, know this: Jeroen's working method is characterized by the fact that he does everything possible to respond to the client's request. To think along with the relationship and follow it up as effectively as possible. He mainly looks at questions and solutions from a technical point of view. This has everything to do with his background: As a mechanic he traveled around the world, then used his skills as a project manager. He now applies all the knowledge he has gained, combined with his technical viewpoint, in sales. He always strives to support what he sells. Both technically and substantively it has to be right.  

Small changes can lead to big results....

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