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The second goal of the unique Sleegers Experience Center

Date: 10 February 2022
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In addition to demonstrating the machines in real time with our own products, there is a second important goal that is being achieved with the construction of the unique Sleegers Experience Center. That goal is about the phase in which the ordered machines are produced.

Building up the ordered production line

Previously, the client only saw the new production line when it was built up in the production area. The second goal is to be able to build up an ordered and produced production line completely in the Sleegers Experience Center and to show it to the relation. The client can then ask extensive questions about the machines and the production process, before the machines are delivered. And even more valuable: with our R&D (Research and Development) team we can spar about possible adaptations or additions. I will tell you more about our R&D team in a later blog. 

In the next blog you will discover what makes the Sleegers Experience Center really special.

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