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Discover what makes the Sleegers Experience Center really special

Date: 17 February 2022
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There is another reason why we have built such a grand Experience Center... It is valuable to be able to show your own machines with real products in operation, but we want to go one step further. We want to show the complete production line from start to finish. And that is what makes the Sleegers Experience Center special.

Cooperation is golden!

The machines for packaging and labeling, for example, are developed by other specialized companies. We involve these companies in the sales and development process by having these specialists and their machines come to Nieuwkuijk. We build the complete production line, with the machines that best suit the needs of our customers. Subsequently we can show the complete production line in action with their own products. How wonderful is that! The client gets all the attention and each machine builder explains his own machines. Any adjustments can be discussed directly with the engineers. This saves our clients a lot of time and effort. 

Optimally functioning production line

Because the entire line is built, all machines of the different suppliers can be optimally attuned to each other. This makes the production line an optimally functioning whole and the slices of salmon, for example, arrive at the packaging machine in exactly the right way. 

Once the machines have been built for the client, we set up the entire production line. Only when everything is working properly do we show it to the client together. This way, each machine builder can explain his machine(s) and add the finishing touches. 

The next blog is about the power of unique high-level teamwork.

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