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The winding path from idea to solution

Date: 24 March 2022
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The road we take with R&D looks like a winding path. You have an idea and you start working on it, but there's no telling how that idea will turn out. Sometimes small adjustments have to be made, sometimes big ones. Those bumps are part of the process. Over the years, the bumps have become smaller.

It is always a special moment when the first results appear. When the prototype is ready and the button is turned on. When you see that what you have in your head becomes reality. That can even be a woody solution, or only work for a very short time. It's the translation of an idea. From visualizing it to bringing it to life. That is so beautiful!

Strengthen the strong points

The secret of Sleegers Technique is that people are selected for what they are good at, where their passion lies. Then we let them do the work that suits them best. So they do what they like all day long. As a result, they grow into it automatically. Selecting people for the right qualities and making sure they enjoy their work is what we do best. The more challenge they keep, the better they stay triggered to grow. That's how we try to make it a team that can achieve great innovations. My ideas are far from over.

In the next blog, I'll explain how the Sleegers Experience Center is enabling a groundbreaking way of doing business. 

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