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The Research & Development success formula

Date: 17 March 2022
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The Sleegers R&D department occupies the entire floor above the Sleegers Experience Center. Here we have all the space to hold brainstorm sessions, build prototypes, try them out, and improve them. For the finishing touch, the machines are tested with fresh products in the Experience Center. The R&D team is involved in the development process from sales to delivery. That is why it is important that the R&D people are also verbally good. They are a valuable addition to the contact with our customers. 

Fast, faster, fastest

The innovations I have in mind are developed with the help of this team at a rapid pace. It doesn't take years, it has to happen fast. As soon as I have an idea, we discuss it with each other and someone immediately starts building. That means you can put something new together in a week. This is not yet at an extremely high level; it is a matter of trying out ideas, after which they can be developed further.

With the construction of the Sleegers Experience Center a modern test center, a test kitchen, has been created. For this you need people who are fast mechanics. People who can get ideas to work. You also need people who can work on the design and optimize the controls. It's an interaction: the developers give each other ideas because they work closely together. Each design is the solution of the group. That's the strength of this R&D. It is a well-oiled team that realizes projects together. 

Developments are never without obstacles. In the next blog I will tell about the tortuous route from idea to solution.

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