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Huub Sleegers is allergic to limitations, so he invents how things can be done differently

Date: 20 January 2022
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Demonstrating machines was always accompanied by limitations. And Huub Sleegers is not very keen on limitations. That triggers him to start looking for solutions. That is the basis of all machines that he has developed, and also the basis of the Sleegers Experience Center. The ideal place to test and demonstrate production lines. A place without limitations.

Demonstrations with obstacles

The traditional way of demonstrating a slicing machine, for example, went like this: "Just imagine: you put the frozen meat (or fish, Vega, cheese) here, and then this machine cuts neat slices. Now we'll take these rubber slices (or cardboard slices) for a moment to show how this machine neatly roofs the slices onto a piece of paper...." It required quite a bit of empathy from the customer. I also hoped that they would believe me when I explained how a phase of the production process worked. Only when the machine was set up in their production area could the customer really see how everything worked. This was not ideal. Fortunately, things are different now... Discover the Sleegers Experience Center in the next blog.

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