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Who is the inventor of the innovative Sleegers machines?

Date: 13 January 2022
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It has been many years since... Huub Sleegers is a 17 year old boy who appears to be technically very handy. His father was a meat processor. One day, he had won a large order for meatballs for Iglo. And of course, those tails had to be made. So all the children, with their families, were set to work. That monotonous work set Huub's innovative brain on edge: there had to be another way. First he managed to automate the chopping of the right amount of minced meat. Then he made sure that the minced meat was pressed into moulds. Finally, he came up with an automatic machine to lay out the slavings properly before they went into the packaging machine." In fact, these were the very first Sleegers machines.

Building it yourself, that's no good

Having ideas is valuable, but when you have to build and improve all the fabrications yourself, there is no momentum. And an idea that is not executed is of no use to you. That is hot air. That's why Huub has gathered a skilled team around him that converts his ideas into practical machines.

Solutions usually arise at night around 3 o'clock. In those early hours I think of everything. Then I think: "That's how it has to be" and then I fall asleep again. A film plays in my head and I use it to form ideas. That creative way of thinking never stops, you don't let go."

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