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Hygiene is essential

Date: 7 April 2022
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Food and hygiene, that's a duality. Bacteria not only affect your fresh products, but also your good name. There’ve been various Legionella and Salmonella scandals, and every producer can easily name a few. It is an item that is and remains extremely hot. Hygiene is a challenge that we’re aware of in the design of each machine!

This cumbersome disinfection method is still used!

In the fish industry they’ve found their own way to disinfect their machines: they pick up the machine and put it in a cooking cabinet at 80 degrees Celsius for a day. Then they put it in a freezer at -20. This process takes 2 to 3 days, during which time they hope that all bacteria have been killed. This inefficient way costs a lot of money. So there’s a lot to gain. We do’nt go for half-measures. We’ll continue until we’ve found a 100% reliable and efficient solution.

In the next blog I will explain the germ count 0 in combination with Sleegers machines.

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