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Germ count 0, it's achievable!

Date: 14 April 2022
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In the previous blog we already talked about the importance of hygiene in the food production process. That a contamination of your products can have major consequences for your reputation. The degree of contamination with a certain bacteria or virus is expressed in a germ count. Germ count 10 is a reasonable contamination and with germ count 0 there is no contamination. Sleegers machines are designed in such way that production can be as germ-free as possible. 

The rapid multiplication of bacteria and viruses

The importance of producing in an extremely hygienic way has already been emphasized in Huub's younger years. At that time he was working in his parents' butcher shop. Therefore Huub does everything to get that germ count as low as possible during the production process. When the meat products come out of the Sleegers slicers, the bacterial count is 0. And not 10, because if you are going to pack that, then that 10 becomes 200 and so on in no time. That happens at lightning speed. The longer you stay at 0, the longer the product will be fresh.

In the next blog I'll explain more about how Sleegers ensures that the bacterial count is 0.

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