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Norwegian inspiration for hygienic production

Date: 28 April 2022
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In Norway they work differently than other countries. They are strong in out of the box solutions. Huub likes to go there to get ideas and to brainstorm. The Norwegians are a true source of inspiration. Huub stores all these ideas and applies them as soon as they can form a solution for the challenge he has at that moment. 

'Strange' solutions that turn out to be very effective

In the fight against Legionella and Salmonella, for example, the Norwegians use fire pots that spread a certain odor. The bacteria cannot tolerate this. This kind of knowledge is then applied in a form that is usable for Sleegers machines.

In this way there are continuous unexpected developments. Some of the techniques are old and you now find them reappearing. Some are now applied in an entirely different setting, but also appear to be applicable in the Food Industry. And yet another part is completely new. This kind of input is keeping Huub's innovative brain on its toes. 

Read in the next blog how we make the entire production process bacteria-free.

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