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A bacteria-free production process

Date: 5 May 2022
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In a previous blog, we talked about a sleek design, which prevents the accumulation of food residue. In addition, it is important that the machine and all its parts are easy to clean. For this, these parts must be easily accessible. An easy-to-clean design is an important step in the process of improving hygiene. But there are more aspects in the production process that need to be looked at more closely. 

Additional steps to achieve the germ count of 0

Think, for example, of the pad on which roast beef is laid. It has to be bacteria-free, otherwise you're immediately 3-0 down. In order to achieve this, we first run the pads through a disinfection line with UV lamps.
It is extremely important to monitor the entire production process in such a way that you keep the bacterial count at 0. We are working on new ideas for this. Our R&D department plays an important role in this, in cooperation with our food technologist.

The next series of blogs is about our REVOLUTIONARY new machine.

Please contact us for a demonstration of the Sleegers machines that are interesting for your production process.’

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