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The additional modules of the Beat 'm All Slicer

Date: 19 May 2022
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As you can read in the previous blog, the Beat 'm All Slicer was initially developed for the production of Carpaccio. Therefore, a slicing module with a round knife, an automatic feeder and an alignment module are integrated as standard. There are different types of carpaccio and every producer has its own wishes and requirements. Therefore there are 6 modules that can be added. This allows the Beat 'm All Slicer to consist of up to 9 modules. And that on only 3 meters!!!

Just say which modules you want to have added

The 6 modules that can be integrated into the Beat 'm All Slicer are: 1: a variable loading section of 600-1200 mm. 2: the Underleave module VI-11, for placing paper or plastic sheets under the products. 3: the VI-19 Stacking module, which is used to make neat stacks. 4: the Tray module VI-28, by which the products are first positioned precisely and then perfectly loaded into the trays or the packaging machine. 5: The VI-42 Cardboard module, which places cards and l-boards in different shapes, materials and thicknesses under products. 6: Turning module VI-35 which is used to turn products over so that they are ready for the next stage in the production process.

In the next series of blogs I will explain how the automation of the bacon process was achieved.

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