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Beat 'm All Slicer: the revolutionary all-in-one machine

Date: 12 May 2022
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In the drive for improvements to make production processes faster and better, there was always a problem lingering in the back of Huub's mind. A problem for which there was not yet time, opportunity and space to develop. This problem was the enormous space that one production line takes up. And the fact that a number of components recur in most modules. Think of conveyor belts and their control. After the realization of the Sleegers Experience Center, it was high time for the 2nd big innovative Sleegers project: the development of the Beat 'm All Slicer.

Which standard modules does the Beat 'm All Slicer consist of?

When developing such a revolutionary machine, you need to take a starting point. The carpaccio market is booming. Huub has a patent on neatly laying out (wafer-thin) slices in a circle. Therefore, the Beat 'm All Slicer was initially developed for the production of carpaccio. For all types of carpaccio, from beef to beet carpaccio and everything in between.
By the way, placing the meat in a circle is not the only form of presentation. It is now also possible to lay the sliced carpaccio in a square or triangle.

The following modules have been integrated into the Beat 'm All Slicer to ensure that the carpaccio process runs smoothly:
1: The slice module 0-600 slices with round knife, so that all slices look neat. Even with difficult to slice products. 2: The automatic feed module and 3: The standard xy module to align the products perfectly.

In the next blog I'll share with you which modules can be added to the Beat 'm All Slicer next.

Would you like to know more about the innovative Beat 'm All Slicer? Then please contact us.

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