VI-22 Automatic infeed line

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VI-22 Automatic infeed line

The VI-22 automatic infeed line is a compact and solid product infeed machine supporting a wide range of different products. With the use of servo technology accurate results are guaranteed. This machine is operated by a multi-language touch screen operation panel providing a user friendly interface for optimal operating convenience. Due to the stainless steel and modular construction it can easily be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance causing minimal downtime. The small footprint makes it easy to integrate in any existing or new production line with minimal use of space.

Automatic infeed line

Sleegers Technique


Touch screen operation panel
Multi-language user friendly interface
Compact solid construction
Servo controlled Hygienic modular design

Adjusted to packaging machine

Custom conveyor configuration
Product flow L>R / R>L

Electrical supply
380 - 460Vac | 50/60 HZ | 3 Phase

Net weight
500 Kg

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