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Much less 'unrest' and enormous time savings on your shop floor

Date: 3 March 2022
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As I mentioned in the previous blog, the Sleegers Experience Center has become the perfect testing space. However, there are even more advantages. By building up the line here in its entirety, including the machines of the other suppliers, we see it immediately if the process stagnates somewhere. All machines are optimally attuned to each other. We can seek out the technical limits ourselves and ensure, together with the cooperation partners, that the promised quantities are met. 

The finishing touch before transport

We test and fine tune the line before the customer arrives. Only after the production line has been extensively tested do we show it to the customer. The final touches are then made by the engineers. 

Start-up problems are already tackled in the Sleegers Experience Center, while in the past this only happened in the factory. This way of working results in an enormous gain of time for all parties. The installation process goes much smoother, which minimizes 'unrest' on the work floor. And the production line can be put into operation immediately.

Discover in the next blog the unprecedented possibilities of the R&D department.

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