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The unprecedented possibilities of the R&D department

Date: 10 March 2022
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Sleegers Technique is a medium-sized company. Yet we have dared to change course and set up a separate Research and Development (R&D) department. This is usually only done in large companies. "To stand still is to go backwards." To remain an innovative company you have to develop new machines and find revolutionary solutions. That is where Sleegers Technique started and with that we are building a stable future.

Creative out of the box thinking

The R&D team has been carefully composed of young talent, who came to work at Sleegers directly after their education. The formation of such a team is a growth process. For us it is important that their way of working is still blank. That they have not yet been contaminated by the general body of thought. That they think creatively out of the box, so that they really develop new products. We don't want them to first google what's already out there and then elaborate on that. No, we want a fresh look at technology. That is necessary to innovate at a high level. We have found the right people for this, who also work well together as a team. Huub's innovative ideas form the basis for the new developments. 

In the next blog I will introduce you to the power of the Research and Development success formula.

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