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Unique teamwork at a high level

Date: 24 February 2022
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In the Sleegers Experience Center we work together with specialist builders who develop machines that connect to our machines. Think of mixing and filling, labeling and packaging machines. The choice of the specialist companies we work with depends on the choice of our relations. Some want brand A, others want brand B. We are independent, so for each project we involve the party that has the right machines for that set-up. This makes for interesting combinations. In fact, we all have the same relationships. The question is, "Can we start to form a team that is interesting for everyone?" We have already found several parties with whom it clicks. With which we create win-win-win situations: our relationships win, these parties win and we win. Now that's teamwork!

Valuable for our colleagues

The collaboration is valuable for the specialist companies. During the sales phase they can already demonstrate the machines that the client is interested in in a working line, with the right fresh products. That talks much easier, than if they have to say, "Then you have to imagine that here the fish arrives in trays and now I'll show you how we close the packaging." 

In the next blog you will discover how you get much less 'turmoil' and enormous time savings on your shop floor.

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