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The 'trick' of obtaining the germ count at zero

Date: 21 April 2022
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A bacterial count of 0, that sounds nice, but try to make it happen! When you work with fragile fresh products, that's quite a challenge. And challenges, that's what triggers Huub. That puts his innovative brain to work, so he comes up with a solid solution. 

Important: a sleek design

The first step in getting the bacterial count to 0 is to make sure that the machine can be cleaned properly. That the design is such that there is nowhere for food residues and bacteria to accumulate. The traditional machines in the food industry suffocate with bolts, seams, pipes and so on. These are all sources of bacteria. Then all sorts of actions have to be taken to reduce the excessively high bacterial count.
Huub often visits factories. Seeing these decontamination processes immediately set his innovative brain to work: "That must be done differently."
It quickly became clear that there was a great deal of profit to be made by making the design much stricter. By getting rid of all the protruding parts, grooves and seams. The tighter the machine, the less food residue can accumulate anywhere.

In the next blog, read how Huub is inspired by the Norwegians.

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